Tamlet Sheep Genetics

Romney – Coopworth – Romtex – Cooptex – Texel – Suftex



Tamlet runs 15 stock units/ha on rolling hills in South-Eastern Southland.

Rainfall averages 1100mm  per year and winter lasts about 100 days.

Situated 100-200 metres above sea level there is a reliable spring, summer and autumn grass growth.


Traits measured - Growth – Meat – Reproduction - Survival – Wool - FEC - Dags

Tamlet Romneys Est 1963 – 500 Recorded ewes  Flock No 233

Tamlet Coopworths Est 1974 – 500 recorded ewes Flock No 1138

Tamlet Texels – 300 recorded ewes Flock No 2776

Tamlet SIL Genetic Trends Graph

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These flocks can be identified and compared on www.alphasheepgenetics.co.nz or BEEF & LAMB NZGE.
Run under commercial conditions and only separated for mating and lambing in their breeds.

Our sheep are compared in the Alpha Analysis with 10 breeders & 14 flocks.

19 sires have MW+M indexes over 3800 – in the top 5% on the NZGE.

5 sires have MW+M indexes over 3500 -  in the top 8% on the NZGE.

9 Terminal Worth Texel & Suftex sires have indexes over 2000 – top 8% NZGE.

Tamlet Genetics were commended in the inaugural NZ Sheep Awards 2012.

Tamlet Texels won the Gold Award for Terminal Sire Overall  in 2013 and were Finalists for SIL-ACE Terminal Sire for Meat Yield.

Tamlet Coopworth Composites finalists in SIL-ACE Dual Purpose for Wool.

A NZ ewe at Athenry

* Lambs are tagged at birth and mothering ability; temperament and survival are priorities. We were original members of the Ovita Lamb Survival Trials. All lambs were weighed at birth and autopsies performed on any deaths. Therefore, we were involved in developing the SNP Chip 50k & 5K Molecular BV’s. This means our Molecular BV’s are very robust.

* Myomax Gold & Muscle Gene Records.

* Wool weights & quality are measured.

* Texel Ewes exported to Ireland continue to
out-perform the Irish Elite Texels in its 3rd year
of the Athenry trial.

* Eye muscle scanning is used to predict the amount of meat on the carcase and top performers are selected as sires.

* Alliance Group ViaScan is a helpful tool identifying sires with superior meat yield.                           Surplus ram lambs receive yield information based on their electronic tag and this is then forwarded to NZGE and improves the accuracy of the Sire Breeding Values and Indexes for Meat.
We weigh lambs prior to delivery and calculate the dressed-out percentages based on carcase weights.
Many terminal sire breeders are using Texel rams over a portion of their stud ewes to achieve high yielding carcases.

An 18 kg carcass with 50% yield has 9kg of meat whereas with 56% yield it has 10kg of meat. Top animals with 60 % yield have more than 11kg of meat on an 18 kg carcase.

* Meat Yield has been our focus encouraged by payment of premiums for higher yielding carcases.

We aim to breed the sheep required by the market of the future.


* Ewe lambs born this year will affect your flock for the next 10 years. The sires you use need to be carefully selected.

* CPT has had a huge influence in linking the NZ sheep analysis.
We have owned 10 sires used in CPT and used 15 other sires in our flocks. Progeny from 25 sires link our flocks to the CPT programme.

All Romney, Romtex & Coopworth, Cooptex sale rams NZGE MW+M are above 3300 - the top 11% in NZ.

All Texel & Suftex sale rams Terminal Worth are above 1690 - the top 21% in NZ.

Higher Indexes  =  Better Genetics  =  Increased Production  =  Greater Profit

You are welcome to contact George Smith 03 206 4925

Email tamlet@ruralinzone.net for more information

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Tamlet 312/17 - Sire 537/15 -

G. Sire Blackdale 142/12




















1297 Top 5%




-293 Top 32% in NZ




4333 Top 5% in NZ

These 2 sires rank in the top 5% in NZ for MW+M index.


They both have 2 copies of the Myomax gene and their meat indexes rank in the top 5%.


12 of the sires used in 2021 rank in the top 5% for MW+M and 5 of them have 2 Myomax genes.

MyoMax GDF8 Meat Gene

An average 18 kg carcase @ 52% meat yield has 9.36 kgs of meat at $7 per kg = $126

Add one copy of MyoMax gives 5% increase to 9.83 kgs of meat = $132.30 per carcase, an extra  $6.30.

Add two copies of MyoMax gives 10% increase to 10.3 kgs of meat = $138.60, per carcase, an extra $12.60.