Sheep Improvement Ltd is a division of Meat & Wool New Zealand and provides state of the art genetic information to ram breeders.
SIL has access to the services of New Zealand's leading geneticists and genetic specialists who are continually working on the genetic parameters to further improve the quality of the New Zealand flock.

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Coopworth Genetics New Zealand Inc

The Coopworth breed had its origins in the 1950's and 1060's in the crossing of the Romney ewe with the Border Leicester ram to produce the F1 Border-Romney and the subsequent inter-breeding of them to give F2 and F3 generation progeny. 
These were then eligible to be known and registered as Coopworths.


Genetic Gains Ltd

We aim to facilitate the genetic improvement of New Zealand's sheep industry by distributing quality genetic material from proven superior sires, and promoting benefits of the use of elite genes and encouraging their use through the provision of quality animal breeding services which meet the needs of New Zealand sheep breeders.

ABS Animal Breeding Services

ABS offers a comprehensive range of reproductive technologies applicable to the livestock breeding industry. The company employs 20 staff in laboratory and field functions and farms 300 heactares of farmland in support of the services it provides. 
Animal Breeding Services (ABS) has been operating from it’s Hamilton base since 1996.


NZ Texel Society


Central Progeny Test (CPT)