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Tamlet Genetics commended in the Inaugural NZ Sheep Awards - 2012
Tamlet Texels won the Gold Award for Terminal Sire Overall - 2013
Tamlet Texels ~ Finalists for SIL-ACE Terminal Sire for Meat Yield - 2013
Tamlet Coopworth Composites ~ Finalists in SIL-ACE Dual purpose for Wool - 2013

Romney - Coopworth - Texel - Texel/Romney - Texel/Coopworth  'Meat Makes Money'


The farm of 282 hectares runs 15 stock units/ha. on rolling hills in South-Eastern Southland. It is 100 - 200 metres above sea level. Rainfall averages 1100mm per year. Winter lasts about 100 days and there is a reliable spring, summer and autumn grass growth.

Traits Measured at Tamlet:

Growth - Meat - Wool - Reproduction - Survival

Focus on meat yield is vital!

Payment of premiums for higher yielding carcasses encourages farmers to look for genetics guaranteed to improve their meat yields.
Farmers need to breed the type of sheep today that the market will require for the next ten years.
Ewe lambs born this year could be in the ewe flock and have lambs in 2018-2019 and need to pass the right genes to their offspring.
In future seasons meat companies will not be using the present grading system. Payments will be totally on yield and quality.
At present with the grading system plus a bonus for yield, some farmers averaged $9.00 above schedule.
The difference will be greater as tests are developed for quality i.e. pH, colour, taste, tenderness and odour.

Ultra Sound Eye Muscle Scans, CT Scans & Via Scans used to improve meat yield

Eye Muscle Scanning is 45% accurate predicting the amount of meat on a carcase and better than eye appraisal
We Eye Muscle Scan ram lambs then select the top performers and CT Scan them at Lincoln for final sire selection.

CT Scans are 94% accurate and cost $100.00 per animal. 
They help us identify the best animals to breed from.
Linkages by shared sires with flocks that CT Scan all ram lambs gives our Meat and Growth SIL data greater accuracy.

Alliance Group ViaScan is used to identify sires with superior meat yield.
Surplus ram lambs receive yield information based on tag numbers by prearranging with the Alliance Group.
This information is forwarded to SIL (Sheep Improvement Ltd) and improves the accuracy of the Sires' Breeding Values and Indexes for Meat.
We weight lambs prior to delivery and work out the dressed out percentages based on carcase weight.
Meat yield payments made by the freezing companies encourage farmers to introduce blood into maternal flocks.
Some terminal sire breeders are using Texel rams over a portion of their stud ewes to achieve high yielding carcases.

Breeding Groups - Across Flock Analysis

Unbiased Genetic Comparisons.
Our involvement allows us identify and use the best genetics in N.Z.
Our flocks are involved in 3 purebred groups; 

  • Coopworth Genetics NZ Inc. - www.coopworthgenetics.co.nz Across Flock Records
  • N.Z. Texels - Across Flock Records available from Tamlet 
  • Romney N.Z. - Across Flock Records available from Tamlet

We are also involved in 4 groups with crossbreds; 


  • Alpha Sheep Genetics - 15 breeders - 24 flocks www.alphasheepgenetics.co.nz
  • Frontier Genetics (36 flocks) - www.frontiergenetics.org.nz
  • Apex Coopworths (8 flocks) – Apex Across Flock Records Available from Tamlet
  • SIL-ACE (116 Dual Purpose flocks - 129 Terminal Sire Flocks) www.sil.co.nzgeorge1

Check out these websites. We are happy to discuss the results and provide inspection of rams.
Phone 03 206 4925. Email – tamlet@ruralinzone.net 
George and Kathryn Smith


Ovita Lamb Survival Trials since they began
All lambs weighed at birth
Through Ovita we are involved in developing SNP Chip 50K and 5K Molecular BVs. 150 SNP Chip Molecular BV's available 
Myomax Gold and Muscle Gene Records
Wools weights and quality are measured. You can gain $1.00/kg premium for Texel wool meeting criteria for bulk, colour & length by contract HD Dawson Direct.


An 18kg carcase with 50% yield has 9kg of meat, whereas with 56% yield it has 10kg of meat.
It is easy to see which the consumer would prefer.
Top animals with 60% yield have more than 11kg of meat on an 18kg carcase.



Most research for yield and quality is being done using lambs from the three Central Progeny Test Flocks.
We have owned 9 sires and used another 8 sires used in these CPT flocks, 
which means that progeny from 17 sires have been through this research testing.

Est. 1963 - SIL No. 233 - 500 recorded ewes.
Est. 1974 - SIL No. 1138 - 500 recorded ewes.
Est. 1991 - SIL No. 2776 - 300 recorded ewes


These flocks can be identified and compared on:
Semen sales are available through:


Tamlet SIL Genetic Trends Graph


Tamlet Coopworth 89/08
DPP Index 2327
NZ Coopworth Sire Summary

Texels Terminal + Dual Purpose
Ram Selection List 16 Jan 2012
25 in top 200 TSI
18 in top 200 DPI

NZ TEXEL Sire Summary - 3 July 2012
6 of the top 12 sires are bred at Tamlet. Progeny are for sale this year.

NZ TEXEL Ram Report - Terminal Sire Index Leaders
10 Tamlet Ram Hoggets rank in the top 35 (17 July 2012)

Texel Genetic Trends Graphs - 2000-2012


Tamlet Texels
We have two lines of Texel;
A Terminal Sire Line selected for growth, meat and survival
A dual purpose line selected for growth, meat, survival and reproduction
Many commercial farmers have including a component of Texel blood in their maternal flocks, so it is important to have sires with good reproduction levels. We have 6 sires in the top 22 (6%) on the Texel Dual Purpose List.
Tamlet Coopworth link to www.coopworthgenetics.co.nz


Tamlet Texels / Romney & Texel /Coopworth
Within our Tamlet Romney & Coopworth recorded flocks. 
Half of the ewes now have texel blood.
Those half-bred sheep best meet the market requirements of today and for the foreseeable future. Their meat yield should be 56% - 57%, with over 90% meeting premium thresholds.


Embyro Transplants
Embryo transplants were used to multiply superior genetics
Those half-bred sheep best meet the market requirements of today and for the foreseeable future. Their meat yield should be 56% - 57%, with over 90% meeting premium thresholds.
Tamlet Coopworth 2/00 was the top Coopworth Ewe in NZ for a number of years. Coopworth 2/00 and her mother, full sister and daughter were used as donor ewes. The rams on the left are two of the resulting progeny.

Export Live Rams and Semen
In 2009 a breeder from Chile sourced our Coopworth flock from the web pages. He visited and selected these proven Coopworth sires to import.
Ram semen has been exported to Australia, U.S.A and Nepal through Genetic Gains.

For more information, you are welcome to contact George Smith

Address: 122 Mimihau School Rd, 2 R.D. Wyndham, New Zealand
Phone: (64) 03 206 4925
Email: tamlet@ruralinzone.net

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